Saturday January 23, 2021
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Hartley & District Residents’ Association


The Hartley & District Residents’ Association (HADRA) was founded in 1970. It covers 17 roads and about 1,000 homes. The aim is to; ‘Protect and advance the common interests in the area’ It is a kind of watchdog and relies on all residents to report on changes and developments which could affect adversely the area in some way. The organisation is recognised by the council and our local Councillors become involved when necessary.

Membership is open to all residents and there is an annual subscription of £3, due each spring. Two Newsletters are published in the spring and autumn; they are delivered to your door by a Road Steward. Membership means that you can receive the advice and support of the organisation on appropriate matters if relevant and where there is not a conflict of interest.

If you would like to become a member of HADRA, please contact our Membership Secretary.

Over the past few years HADRA has come to appreciate that most residents moved to this area because it offered a good quality of life. Although it is fatal to generalise, much of the quality relates to the low density of buildings as well as to large gardens and extensive areas of green space.