Tuesday July 07, 2020
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Please find below information received from East Coulsdon Residents' Association:

Hi All

As mentioned at the last meeting with Catherine

The Council still have a 3 or 4 of those rocks left lying around

I have put in a bid for them to use in Coulsdon as part of a start of public art

You may remember we met Tim Naylor in Art Rebellion to discuss public art in the town centre and he was very enthusiastic. Until he came back six weeks later with it was all to difficult.

The advantage of these rocks is that they do not need to be fixed and need not H&S on structural grounds.

I have put together a paper suggesting marking out Lion Green as was and if possible the Red Lion without the need to consult Aldi.

The council have said they are willing to let us have them if people are not going to complain as they did about the one  in Old Coulsdon.

Well that was more about lack of consultation and council politics.

These rocks are already paid for so why don’t we do something with them and then we can get back to trying to get our other project back on track

Love them or hate them they will make the place interesting

I hope you will support me by emailing Catherine and Angela at Croydon to say you are ok with the rocks as public art in Coulsdon.

Thanks for your help



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