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Update 3/2/16 - from Hartley & District, Purley & Woodcote, Kenley, East Coulsdon, Old Coulsdon, West Coulsdon, Riddlesdown and Sanderstead Residents’ Associations

Yesterday, (Tuesday 2 February 2016) was decision day for the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group about Urgent Healthcare in Croydon, from April 2017. Some representatives of the eight Residents’ Associations (RAs) in the south of the Borough, who have been campaigning for the retention of services, especially in the south of the Borough, attended this public meeting.

There were no surprises about the decision by the Croydon CCG Governing Body, who decided that Option 1, which was their preferred option, would be implemented from April 2017. This option is; one Urgent Care Centre open 365 days a year at the front door of the Emergency Department (A&E) at Croydon University Hospital; GP out of hours service on the same site; three GP hubs in the vicinity of current services (Purley, Parkway, Edridge Road), open from 8am-8pm, 365 days a year, covering all of Croydon.

The Governing Body took it in turns to congratulate themselves on the good work they have done and completely overlooked all of the concerns the eight RAs have raised over the last 18 months. It would seem that the Croydon CCG were keen to look after their interests in the north of the Borough, and were only too happy to offer promises of services for the communities around Croydon University Hospital. However, the RAs have managed to keep the three units in the town centre and the south, (at Edridge Road, Purley and Parkway; or in the near vicinity) open and all with the hours of 8am to 8pm, which we do not think was the original intention of the CCCG.

The RAs do at least have a commitment to a facility in the Purley area, opening hours from 8am to 8pm and bookable access to x-ray for some emergency treatment. This is not quite what we wanted but we suspect it is considerably more than we would have got had we kept quiet. The restoration of morning opening hours is also an achievement.

Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South has also been very supportive of the RAs and has met with the Croydon CCG many times. Chris said; “I think that our efforts over the last year or so have made a difference. The restoration of morning opening hours and very fact of a continuation of a service at Purley are the fruits of this labour. If Dr Agnelo Fernandes's promise about emergency x ray referrals holds good, that will be a big victory. My remaining concerns are the name "GP Hub" which is underwhelming; (e.g. "Injury and GP Unit" would be better). And secondly I am still concerned about the level of injury they will treat - I am keen that (for example) very serious cuts and ideally fractures get treated there. This detail has not yet been published and is very important.”

The next step in the process is for the Croydon CCG to start working on a full draft specification for urgent care services. The Croydon CCG have now invited representatives from the eight RAs and others to attend this seminar on 11 February. A full draft specification is a document that describes in detail exactly what a service will do and what minimum standards will have to be delivered. The full specification will describe some standards that are for the whole urgent care service and some that are for each part of it. This is the document from which one, whole-service contract will be written.


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