Tuesday July 14, 2020
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I am writing on behalf of the Hartley & District Residents’ Association. We as a Residents Association, sit just south of Purley town Centre and north east of Coulsdon Town centre. We represent around 1,000 households in our area. Our RA area currently lies in the Kenley and Coulsdon East Wards of the London Borough of Croydon. Our boundary can be found on our website:

Looking at the main rules: Delivering electoral equality for local voters; Reflecting the interests and identities of local communities and Promoting effective and convenient local government; we have made our comments about the area we live in as follows:

Croydon Council have promoted the 16 “Places of Croydon” within the CLP 1 document in the Croydon Local Plan and it therefore makes sense that any new Council Wards should be within these same parameters. These new “Places” cover all the major “Villages”, as we are referred to by the Council’s refuse and street cleaning Department, within the Borough. Each of the 16 “Places” can easily be sub divided to further attain the total number of 70 Councillors and be roughly in sync with most of the existing Residents’ Association areas in the Borough. We attach a map of the “16 Places” to reflect this.

Whilst the “16 Places of Croydon” are not perfect and perhaps over-simplify the communities in places, they have the advantage that they were arrived at outside of the very political atmosphere of a boundary review and have been widely consulted on. The Council’s submission, on its own website, seems very strange when compared to the “16 Places” it has adopted for planning purposes. There are a number of Wards in its own submission which straddle place borders and do not seem to bear any resemblance to the places residents think they live in. 

We in the south of the Borough believe that the LGBC should recognise Purley as a community and also recognise that Coulsdon could be more effectively represented if the current 'Coulsdon West' is reduced in size close to Purley Town Centre (where many residents consider themselves to live in Purley anyway). 

Purley could span an area that includes Woodcote/West Purley, Purley Town Centre, the Brighton Road from the point at which it leaves Coulsdon at Stoats Nest Road up to South Croydon past Purley Oaks, and eastwards to include Riddlesdown. The proposed, slightly amended Coulsdon West could be renamed 'Coulsdon’ or ‘Coulsdon Town' if it loses the 'Purley' area and could retain three councillors, while the new Purley boundaries would be enlarged to have five councillors, spilt into two wards - these could be called 'Purley and Woodcote' ward and 'Purley Town and Riddlesdown'. This would naturally require (due to the LGBC population size ruling of 4,012 electorate) some Wards, such as the redrawn Kenley and Coulsdon East (which could be renamed 'Old Coulsdon') being two councillor wards, instead of three.

Sanderstead could remain a three Councillor Ward which is very similar to the area covered by Sanderstead RA and the old parish boundary.


Diane Hearne Chair of HADRA









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