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Croydon Council is proposing to start a consultation on the introduction of the blanket 20 mph speed limit in the south of the borough. There is some concern about the nature of this consultation and below is a letter from Chris Stanley of Kenley and District Residents' Association to Croydon Council about this:


Jo Negrini

Chief Executive Croydon Council,

Bernard Weatherill House,

8 Mint Walk,

Croydon, CR0 1EA

13th January 2017


Dear Ms Negrini

Proposed “Consultation” on 20 mph Zone

I am contacting you on behalf of the Residents’ Associations in Kenley and District, Purley & Woodcote, Coulsdon West, Hartley and District, Sanderstead, and Riddlesdown, which collectively have a membership of over 8,000 households.

With regards to the consultation on introduction of a 20 mph zone: we have been informed that the Council are considering adopting a different approach for public engagement in zones 3, 4 and 5, compared to that adopted for zones 1 and 2. Should this be the case, and should the engagement not include a survey of each household, including a simple “yes” or “no” question, then we would strongly object to this. Furthermore, we do not believe such an approach would be legitimate.

In particular:

Can you confirm whether a 7 week 'community engagement process' is going to occur? If not, please demonstrate how you have met the DfT 2013 guidance for setting speed limits that state (s87) A comprehensive and early consultation of all those who may be affected by the introduction of a 20 mph scheme.  We do not believe the 21-day notice period for traffic orders counts in this regard as residents can only make objections - and the revised period of 28 days is insufficient time to get well-considered feedback from the relevant local interest groups. 

The socio-demographic composition of the residents in zones 3, 4 and 5 is significantly different to those of the residents in zones 1 and 2 (for example, age, ethnicity etc.). If a different consultation approach is adopted for the same issue, please can you provide details of the equality impact assessment undertaken on the decision to applying different approaches to communities with dissimilar protected equalities characteristics (please note this point is in specific regard to any decision to change the consultation process and not the introduction of a 20mph speed limit).

The original Report agreed by the Council Cabinet meeting on 16 March 2015, specifying the consultation methodology, included the clear intention to adopt the same consultation procedure for all zones within the borough, allowing for amendments as necessary. The fact that the Council has not acted swiftly enough to meet the March 2018 deadline does not constitute necessity, but is a symptom of mismanagement. A lack of planning by the Council should not deny our residents their rights to a fair and proper consultation. The Council Cabinet Decision on 12 December 2016 to adopt a different methodology, simply to meet this deadline, is unjustified and ill considered.

Additionally, adopting a different approach in zones 3, 4 and 5 would neither be fair nor democratic for the residents in these zones.  Furthermore, it would not give the Council sufficient authority to demonstrate that there is community support for the measures proposed, which was agreed as a necessity before implementation by Council Cabinet and the Transport and Environment Scrutiny Committee.

I look forward to hearing your response to these points, and to hearing how you propose to ensure that the residents are in zones 3, 4 and 5 are given the same opportunities to express their opinions as has already occurred in zones 1 and 2.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley

Treasurer and Acting Chairman, Kenley and District Residents’ Association


PP. Diane Hearne, Chairperson, Hartley and District Residents Association; Phil Reed Chairman, Purley and Woodcote Residents Association; Rita Barfoot, Acting Chair, Coulsdon West Residents Association; Brian Longman, Chairman, Riddlesdown Residents Association; Dennis King, Chairman, Sanderstead Residents Association.


Cllrs Steve O’Connell, Steve Hollands, Jan Buttinger

Cllr Stuart King, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment

Cllr Sara Bashford, Shadow Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment

Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South

Croydon Advertiser, Croydon Guardian


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