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The letter below was sent to Councillor Newman on behalf of the Residents’ Associations in Kenley and District, Purley & Woodcote, Hartley & District, Coulsdon West, Sanderstead, and Riddlesdown.


Cllr Tony Newman

Leader of the Council

The Town Hall

Katharine Street

Croydon CRO 1NX

                                                                                                                23rd January 2017

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Dear Cllr Newman

Proposed “Consultation” on 20 mph Areas

We, the undersigned Residents’ Associations, refer to our letter dated 13 January, sent to Ms Jo Negrini, which to date we have received no response.

We are worried and concerned that the Council’s current consultation on 20mph Areas in 3, 4 and 5 is not providing residents with the same opportunity to express their views as with previous iterations of the same consultation.

The consultation for Areas 1 and 2 (north and north east) asked residents a simple ‘yes/no’ question to ascertain support. If residents objected then they were asked to put in writing why they objected.

In the current consultation for Areas 3, 4 and 5, running until 15 February, residents are not being given the option of a ‘yes/no’ question. If you are in favour of the proposal, you have no mechanism for supporting it formally. If you are opposed, you are required to provide a reason before being allowed to object.

We believe it is not fair or equitable that residents in two parts of the Borough are being allowed a ‘yes/no’ vote on a significant issue, whilst the same mechanism is being denied to residents in other areas who are equally affected? Residents in the north and north east of the Borough are being given more of a say on this issue than our residents in the south and north west. Additionally, we note that the consultations in the north and north east of the Borough were only marginally in favour of the proposal. Furthermore, the street scene is significantly different in Areas 4 and 5, compared to Areas 1 and 2. Therefore, the assumption cannot be made that our residents will be in favour of the proposal, based on your consultations in the north and north east of the Borough.

We believe the Council should publicly state now, how they are going to assess the objections and the number submitted in each Area, before deciding if the individual scheme for the three Areas is accepted, or rejected by the Council.

We are also of the opinion the Council are going against the spirit of the Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission’s report in early 2016, which you as Leader put so much emphasis on and called a "hugely powerful document." You were also quoted as saying “your administration's record on fairness showed it would act on the recommendations.” We therefore find the Council’s change of policy on this fundamental matter extremely baffling.

We do hope that you will change your policy and treat us in exactly the same way as the two Areas in the previous consultations.

At the time of writing we are also aware a number of households in our areas have not received the Council’s pamphlet, including two of the signatories below. How can the Council hold a fair consultation when the literature hasn’t been delivered to residents before the start of the consultation period?

We look forward to your response.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley, Treasurer and Acting Chairman, Kenley and District Residents’ Association


Diane Hearne

Diane Hearne, Chairperson,  Hartley and District Residents’ Association;


Phil Reed

Phil Reed, Chairman, Purley and Woodcote Residents’ Association;


Rita Barfoot

Rita Barfoot, Acting Chair, Coulsdon West Residents’ Association;


Brian Longman

Brian Longman, Chairman, Riddlesdown Residents’ Association;


Dennis King

Dennis King, Chairman, Sanderstead Residents’ Association.



Cllr Stuart King, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment

Cllr Sara Bashford, Shadow Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment

Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South

Croydon Advertiser

Croydon Guardian


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