Tuesday July 07, 2020
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We have been advised of plans to demolish a bungalow at 9b Haydn Avenue and replace it with a 4-storey development consisting of 9 apartments.

Details of this planning application can be seen via the Croydon Council website at and you are able to make online comments or objections to this proposed development by clicking "make a public comment".  You have until Friday 31 May to voice any concerns.

HADRA will support our residents in objecting to this planning application.

When considering this planning application, we sincerely hope that Croydon Council will take into account the following facts as outlined by our Planning Representative:

1.  There are no blocks of flats anywhere near this site and the contemporary design is totally out of character for this area.

2.  The block of 9 flats is a very large development, dominating and out of character for this road which has mainly two-storey houses.

3.  Bulking and massing is too large and it overbearing, out of scale and keeping with the area.

4.  High density/over-development of the site with a significant loss of garden land.

5.  Loss of wildlife habitat and green garden with most of the existing garden being built on or paved.

6.  Nine car parking spaces for a development of this size is insufficient and will result in over-spill parking onto Haydn Avenue, which will result is a reduction of road safety.

7.  It has not been demonstrated that the refuse bins proposed area adequate for the development, or how they will be collected and emptied on collection day.

8.  There will be a loss of privacy for the nearby neighbours as they will now be overlooked by this block of flats.  Also additional noise will be created by ts development which will be detrimental to the existing residents.

9.  The design only provides minimum size requirements for flats and does not provide sufficient amenity space for the proposed 31 residents.

10.  Only 1 family three-bedroom flat is being provided when there is a recognised shortage of family accommodation within the borough.

11.  Loss of daylight to the adjoining properties.





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