Thursday August 06, 2020
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HADRA is aware of another planning application relating to 24 Coulsdon Court Road which was submitted to Croydon Council on 21 May 2019.

The proposal seeks to construct:

* one three storey building with 5 flats in the front garden of of 24 Coulsdon Court Road, and
* two buildings of two storeys with 4 two bedroom flats in each in the rear garden of 24 Coulsdon Court Road.

Please also note that the applicant has appealed against the council’s refusal of his previous planning application (18/05485/FUL) which is currently with the Planning Inspector for a decision.

Details of this latest application can be seen via the Croydon Council website  You can view the documents submitted from this link and you can make online objections or comments on this application by clicking on “make a public comment.” Alternatively you can send written objections to:-

Mr. Pete Smith, Head of Development Management, Croydon Council,6th Floor, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon.CR0 1EA, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This has to be done by Saturday 22 June 2019.

Possible reasons for objecting to this proposed development, which we sincerely hope the Council will take into account, are:

1. There are no blocks of flats anywhere near this site and their contemporary design are totally out of character for this area.
2. The three blocks of flats will be very large and dominating and out of character for this road which has mainly two storey houses.
3. Bulking and massing is too large and is overbearing, out of scale and keeping with the area.
4. High density/over development of the site with a significant loss of garden land.
5.  Loss of wild life habitat and green garden with most of the existing garden being built on or paved.
6.  Thirteen car parking spaces for this size of development is insufficient and will result in overspill parking onto Coulsdon Court Road, which will result in a reduction of road safety.
7.  The size of the refuse bins has not been detailed to demonstrate that they are adequate for the development of this size, or where they will actually be sited for each building.
8.  There will be a loss of privacy for the nearby neighbours as they will now be overlooked by these blocks of flats. Also considerable additional noise will be created by this development (housing up to 50 residents) which will be detrimental to the existing residents.
9.  Only one family three bedroom flat is being provided when there is a recognised shortage of family accommodation within the borough.
10.  In the submission the developer is avoiding providing affordable housing which is required as more than 10 units are being proposed.

HADRA will support our residents in objecting to this planning application and will refer it to the Planning Committee where we can voice our objections before a decision is made. HADRA will also request our Councillor Margaret Bird and our MP Chris Philp to also refer it to the Planning Committee.

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