Sunday July 05, 2020
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Local residents have made us aware of the proposal to change a 5-bedroom family home at 35 Old Lodge Lane into an 11-bedroomed development comprised of 5 flats.  This relates to planning application 19/02561/FUL.

In support of objections made by local residents HADRA strongly objects to the above planning application for the following reasons:-

  1. This planning application is to extend a large 5 bedroom family and to convert it into 5 flats. Therefore this development does not meet the requirements of policy SP4.30 to provide more family homes for larger families to meet the identified needs of the borough and in fact reduces it by one. The two three bedroom flats are small and only suitable for 2 children families.
  2. The bulking and massing of this extension and new higher roof profile is too large, overbearing, out of scale and out of character with this area which consists of two storey family houses.
  3. This is an over development of the site with a significant loss of wild life habitat and green garden with most of the existing garden being built on or paved. No ecological survey has been done.
  4. No parking stress analysis or transport statement has been done. There is no detail of the number of trips expected to be generated or any narrative on the existing on-street parking situation and impacts from any potential overspill. No details of sight lines or visibility splays are provided from the new access to demonstrate the effect of overflow parking due to inadequate parking being provided. Only one car parking space per flat is inadequate and does not provide any parking for visitors or trades persons. Old Lodge Lane is a busy road with a number of schools on it and a bus route. On many stretches only single file traffic is possible and cars have to wait and give way in kerb side space to allow oncoming traffic to pass. Additional cars from this development parking in these spaces will cause more delay to traffic including the 455 busses.
  5. There will be a loss of privacy for the neighbouring gardens as they will now be overlooked. Also additional noise will be created by the additional residents which will be detrimental to the existing residents.
  6. No Health Impact Assessment (HIA) has been provided to demonstrate if the proposal complies with Policy DM16 of the Croydon Local Plan.
  7. The private amenity space for flats 3 and 4 does not meet the minimum requirements of 10m2 per child of new play space as required by policy DM10 of the Croydon Local Plan.
  8. The plans show flats 1 and 2 having a private garden. A communal garden next to the refuse bin and cycle store for flats 3, 4 and 5 would appear to be too small for the expected 10 residents and access to it would appear to be from a side gate in Bencombe Road which is undesirable.
  9. No external daylight study has been produced to address the reduction in light to the side windows of the immediate adjacent house 37 Old Lodge Lane and the substantial loss of afternoon and evening sunshine to this garden and that of 2a Bencombe Road as a result of the large extension and higher roof levels.
  10. No landscaping plan has been produced to demonstrate what existing trees and vegetation is being removed or if it will be adequately replaced.

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