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Wednesday May 22, 2019
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Kenley & District Residents Association
  1. It was standing room only at Kendra’s AGM on Wednesday 2nd May, with more than 120 members packing the Kenley Memorial Hall. The agenda was dominated by local planning issues, which have caused much concern for residents. Croydon Council sent a team to explain and gather feedback about the ‘Kenley Community Plan.’ A presentation on […]
  2. MINUTES OF THE AUTUMN GENERAL MEETING OF THE KENLEY AND DISTRICT RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION 23rd October 2018, Kenley Memorial Hall, Godstone Road, Kenley Present: Some 42 Members including 1 Councillor and 8 Committee Members: Apologies: Committee Members: CC, GJ, MV, Cllr SO’C and members Roger Capham and John and Anne Fletcher. 2018A. 1    The evening began […]
  3. Read the ‘Don’t Mess With Croydon’ Clean and Green Street Champions Guide 2019 where you can find out how to get involved and how to sign up. If you have any queries please contact Clean and green street champions guide 2019 Revision
  4. KENDRA Profit & Loss       2018 (£) 2017(£) INCOME     Advertising 1, 2, 5 3,230.90 3,700.60 Subscriptions 6 3,351.00 3,647.00 Donations 166.06 107.88 Council Community Grant 7 500.00 – Bank Interest 34.26 2.94 Amazon 284.58 539.41   7,566.80 7,997.83 EXPENDITURE     Newsletter & Leaflet Printing 4,429.84 3,885.00 Charity/Donations 317.00 43.50 Noticeboards […]
  5. Croydon South MP Chris Philp is asking constituents to join his campaign to fight planning decisions made by Croydon Council. In an email he states ‘Over 90% of all applications are getting approved by the Planning Committee. In particular, they are routinely allowing family housing to be destroyed and replaced with small blocks of flats’ […]
  6. You can join Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean from 22nd March to 23rd April. Its aim is to improve the environment on your doorstep, eliminate litter, end waste and create great places for everyone. Here’s how you can get involved: Kendra: Although Kendra’s Litter Picks have been temporarily suspended until we have Public […]
  7. I am deeply concerned about the Council’s appalling approach to planning. They are granting 95% of applications that go to planning committee, which are supposed to be the contentious applications. They intend a further 10,000 homes to be built in suburban areas of the borough by 2036. The council is targeting green areas with intensified […]
  8. 2019 KENDRA COMMITTEE MEETINGS take place in Kenley Memorial Hall at 7:30pm. Upcoming dates: March 12th April 9th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING WEDNESDAY MAY 1st – This will be in the evening – start time to be announced. FIZ Planning issues and the Community Plan will be discussed; Council representatives will be attending . All welcome. […]
  9. (Taken from Winter Newsletter 2018) What does the Croydon Plan and SPD2 mean to Kenley? We need to distinguish between those parts of Kenley inside the FIZ and those outside. The table below provides some highlights. The Council is actively working with the developers to maximise the number of dwellings that are delivered by each […]
  10. Updated 06/05/2019 Many of you will have seen the presentation by the council and consultants at the AGM. What follows is an explanation as to why the plan has been initiated, with links to the council’s website. The Kenley Community Plan is a council project to review and improve the community facilities within Kenley. The […]

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