Planning Application No. 21/03674/FUL

Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a four storey building comprising 7 self-contained flats, land level changes including excavation, new vehicular crossover and parking, external refuse/recycling storage and cycle parking and other associated works

The Hartley and District Residents’ Association (HADRA) advises you that a planning application has been submitted to Croydon Council, proposing to demolish the four bedroom house at 13 Haydn Avenue and to construct a four storey block of seven flats ( 1 no 1 bed, 4 no 2 bed & 2 no 3 bed, total 26 residents) with 6 car parking spaces.

Details of this planning application and can be seen on Croydon Council’s Public Access Register

where you can view the documents submitted. You can make online objections or comments on this application by clicking on “make a public comment.” Alternatively you can send written objections to:-

Head of Development Management, Croydon Council,
6th Floor, Bernard Weatherill House,
8 Mint Walk,
Croydon CR0 1EA

or by email to

This should be done before the neighbour consultation expiry date of Friday 20 August 2021; however the case officer will consider comments before the determination deadline which is currently Monday 6 September 2021.

Detailed below is the current status of relevant planning applications which are having a detrimental cumulative effect on Haydn Avenue.

9A Haydn Avenue

Construction of 9 flats for 31 residents in progress.

11 Haydn Avenue

Planning application no. 19/05346/FUL to demolish the house and build 19 flats was withdrawn on 28 July 2021. Planning application No. 21/02996/FUL to build 6 terraced houses for 30 residents in the back garden is still under consideration, please note that the pre-application advice ref 20/06694/PRE was only published on the council’s public access register on 21/7/21 and residents are requested to submit formal comments regarding this document, to date 29 residents have objected to this planning application.

15 Haydn Avenue

Planning application no. 19/04919/FUL to demolish the house and build 8 flats for 26 residents was refused at planning committee on 8/10/20 and an appeal was submitted on 17/3/21. To date the planning department have not advised residents of the details of the planning inspector.

HADRA will support our residents in objecting to this latest planning application and will refer it to the Planning Committee where we can voice our objections before a decision is made. HADRA will also request our Local Councillor Ola Kolade to also refer it to the Planning Committee and request the support of our local MP Chris Philp.

CLICK HERE to download the full letter.


HADRA will be making the following representations. You may use these points as the basis for your own comments, but we suggest that you adapt them to your particular circumstances or put them into your own words.

  1. The following documents have not been published on the online public Access register or submitted by the applicant:-
    • Detailed proposed landscaping plan is not provided
    • No flood risk assessment on sustainable drainage plan.
    • Demolition and construction logistic plans.
    • 3D images/CGI’s and photos of the proposal.
  2. This four storey block of 7 flats to accommodate 26 people will be over dominant on the adjacent properties especially the bungalow at 11B Haydn Avenue. This will result in an unacceptable loss of privacy and amenities and will result in additional noise and disturbance for existing residents.
  3. The ugly contemporary design is out of character to the nearby houses and is an over development of the site.
  4. Six parking spaces for 7 flats are inadequate and will result in more on street parking.
  5. The flats have a single combined living dining space does not support working from home, and will make for unpleasant future lockdown scenarios for families.
  6. Refuse storage facilities adjacent to the public footpath have not been detailed and the distance to them will be inconvenient for residents
  7. Excessive excavation will be required for this development and no drainage plans have been produced.
  8. No landscaping plans or details of the communal gardens and play space for children have been submitted. The area is inadequate in size for 26 residents.
  9. Cumulative impact on an area where no extra infrastructure has been provided for extra population (e.g. schools, medical and community facilities, road and drainage improvements). CIL money is not being spent in this area and existing facilities like the Purley swimming pool are not being maintained.
  10. No Demolition and Construction Logistics Plan has been submitted this should be compliant with the CLOCS standard before decision is made. It should include a communications protocol with the local residents.


The following are valid planning reasons for objecting to planning applications:

  • Conflict with planning policies • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Overlooking or loss of privacy • Loss of trees
  • Layout and density of buildings • Noise, smells and disturbance from use
  • Traffic generation, highway safety or adequacy of parking
  • Visual appearance (e.g. design, appearance, materials)
  • Effect on listed buildings or conservation areas