The Committee usually meets once a month to discuss local issues and to hear reports from those Committee members who attend other local meetings such as the Purley Forum, Coulsdon Neighbourhood Partnership, Kenley & Purley Neighbourhood Partnership, East Surrey Transport Committee, Local Police Liaison Committee, Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group.

We are always looking for keen individuals to serve on our Committee, or as Road Stewards. If anyone would like more information about how you can get involved with HADRA, please contact our Secretary.

Typically Committee members are elected at our Annual General Meeting and serve for the following year.  However, some of our existing Committee members have served on the Committee for many years. Our HADRA Constitution also permits us to appoint Committee members as necessary to fill vacant positions.

The current Committee was confirmed at our AGM in September 2020, or at subsequent Committee meetings.

HADRA Default EMail

Lucia Briault

Phone: 020 8405 0394

Vice Chair:

Josephine Hullay

Phone: 020 8660 0845

Elaine Clark

Phone: 020 8660 9927

Membership Secretary:
Jackie Fowler

Phone: 020 8241 4267

Planning Representative
Colin Etheridge

Phone: 020 8668 3707

Transport & Environmental Representative
Clive Lang

Phone: 020 8407 0039

Health Representative & Minutes Secretary
Rita Lewis

Phone: 020 8668 5520

Police Liaison
Tony Sales

Newsletter Editor
Vicky Burley

Phone: 020 8406 0843

Committee Member
John Clarke

Committee Member
Diane Hearne

Phone: 020 8668 1778

Hon. Auditor
Mike Hearne

Vip De Silva

Road Steward Liaison Officer