The current Croydon Local Plan was published in 2018, but following the Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in July 2019, a partial review was launched.

During the first stage of the review, a period of consultation took place between November 2019 and January 2020, to gain feedback from the community. This was referred to as the ‘Issues and Options’ consultation.

Three strategic options were presented:

  • Option 1: described as ‘an environmental and economically sustainable option’, this required significant housing intensification throughout the borough.
  • Option 2: described as ‘an environmentally and socially sustainable option’, this consisted of a significant transformation of the Purley Way through major mixed-use redevelopment, alongside lower levels of intensification throughout the borough.
  • Option 3: described as ‘an economically and socially sustainable option’, this necessitated a limited release of green belt land.

Where are we now?

Following the initial public consultation, the Council has analysed the responses and developed a ‘preferred option’ based on Option 2. The Spatial Planning team has also had to incorporate changes resulting from amendments to the National Planning Policy Framework as well as the introduction of a new London Plan published in March 2021.

A further public consultation has now been launched. Known as a Regulation 19 Consultation, this has a very specific purpose and any representations (comments) must focus on whether the proposed plan is “sound”.

The four tests of soundness are explained on the Council’s website HERE. The Council has also produced a helpful video which can be viewed HERE.

Map of AONB Boundary Review

In the recently-published submission draft of the revised Local Plan, much of the HADRA area has been earmarked as an ‘area of moderate intensification‘ – this is a new designation. HADRA is currently working through the numerous amendments to the lengthy Local Plan documents and all the supporting evidence, in order to interpret the implications for our area. We will be submitting a representation, as we still believe that there is insufficient infrastructure locally to support this level of intensification. There is also a possibility that this level of intensification would conflict with the small sites policy (H2) in the new London Plan.

The consultation closes on at 5pm on 17 February 2022.

Organisations and individual residents can respond to the online public consultation HERE.

Click HERE to see a synopsis of the Croydon Local Plan Review and its impact on the local area.

Click HERE to access suggested representations and details of how HADRA believes the Local Plan is not sound.