At the referendum on 7th October where residents of Croydon will have a chance to vote on whether they want to stick with the current system whereby Councillors chose the Leader who runs our town or change to a system with an executive Mayor, directly elected by every voter of Croydon.

The residents’ association-led campaign for a Directly Elected Mayor of Croydon (DEMOC) is keen to raise awareness of the referendum so residents can make an informed choice.
We are hosting an on-line meeting for any Residents’ Association members, family, friends and neighbours to find out more about the issues at stake.

Time: 8pm – 9pm
Date: 26 July 2021


Just click the link above a few minutes before 8pm on 26 July and you will be able to join the meeting. There will be a couple of speakers from the DEMOC campaign followed by a question and answer session. The whole meeting will last about an hour.

This is open to members of Croydon’s Residents Associations and interested residents.

Croydon residents will have the opportunity to shape the borough’s future. If you would like to get involved with the campaign, get in touch at and follow us on Facebook.