Builders’ material on roadway/pavement

The Strict position regarding materials on the roadway is that a licence should first be obtained, at a cost, and once the work has been completed and the debris removed, the builder should then notify the Council, who will come and inspect the scene.

If all is in order and no damage has taken place the builder’s deposit (payable at the time of applying for the licence) will be returned to him.

In fact a practical approach is normally followed, and if a licence is not applied for and the materials are disposed of quickly, then all is well.

If therefore, a situation gives rise to complaint the sensible course would appear to be to raise the matter with the householder – who is the responsible person so far as the council is concerned – and if there is no remedy within a reasonable time the matter should be raised with the Street Enforcement Officer.

As regards materials deposited on the pavement, space must be left for pedestrians. if this is not the case, and representations to the workmen or the householder are ignored, then reference to the street enforcement officer would be the next step. However, obviously a reasonable attitude is essential.