10 12, 2020



Fly tipping can be reported to Croydon Council via their website.

Fly tipping in the HADRA area is unfortunately on the increase including on […]

10 12, 2020

Abandoned Vehicles


Where abandoned vehicles are concerned, the council have a section dealing with this. Any referral must be on the basis that the vehicle is definitely abandoned and also is […]

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10 12, 2020

Street Debris


Builders’ material on roadway/pavement

The Strict position regarding materials on the roadway is that a licence should first be obtained, at a cost, and once the work has been completed and […]

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10 12, 2020

Rubbish in Front Gardens


Untidy or overgrown front gardens are of no  concern to the council, provided they do not affect the road or pavement or that vermin are not present.

The recommended approach is […]

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10 12, 2020

Rogue Traders

  1. Never let anyone into your home unless you are sure of their credentials.
  2. Always ask for business cards or business address and telephone number (not mobile).
  3. If they say […]
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10 12, 2020

Road Safety


The central point of reference for general road safety matters is Croydon Council and their Road Safety Manager. Some of the main traffic routes through Croydon are the […]

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10 12, 2020

Pollution Control – Noise


Noise is unwanted sound, too loud, duration too long or without warning. Noise Nuisance is used in law which affects the enjoyment of your home.

Noise nuisance is covered by Part […]

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10 12, 2020



Day to day Police activity is now undertaken by ward Safer Neighbourhood Teams, the details of which can be found below.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams do not operate 24 hours […]

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