We are asking for your help in covering some of the roads in our area which does not have a Road Steward. The job of the Road Stewards is to deliver our twice a year Newsletter, just post it through the letterbox.

Below are the roads that we need to cover. (Some of the roads need more than one Road Steward as they are a bit longer):

Asmar Close                         1

Burcott Road                       1

Byron Avenue                     1

Cearn Way                           1

Coulsdon Rd                       3

Hartley Hill                          2

Hartley Old Road               1

Hartley Way                        1

Haydn Avenue                   1

Hillars Heath Road           1

Old Lodge Lane                 1

Petersfield Crescent         1

Stoats Nest Village           2

We would like to recruit the Road Stewards from the listed road, but this isn’t absolutely necessary, we just need to cover these roads.