HADRA is run on an entirely voluntary basis by local residents, many of whom have been involved with HADRA for many years. As an organisation we’d like to do a lot more – particularly in light of the Council’s bankruptcy and the subsequent cuts in services – but we need more people to share the load. We’d also welcome any fresh ideas about what HADRA can do to protect or improve our local area. Perhaps you’d like to take part in community litter picking, or improve our green spaces…

So how can you help?

  1. Join our Committee! We meet once a month, currently on a Thursday evening at Coulsdon Manor Hotel. Please contact our Secretary if you’d like to know more.
  2. Become a HADRA Rep! We encourage our members to pay their subscriptions by standing order, so we no longer need Road Stewards to collect subs. We do, however, still need people to deliver our twice-yearly newsletters and other printed matter. This could be quite a simple task if we had one or two Reps on every road. We’d also like to use our Reps as a means of communication, particularly as a way to make contact with those residents who struggle with email and social media. Finally, we’d like our HADRA Reps to let us know about any new residents moving into our area. If this sounds like something you could help us with, please contact our Membership Secretary.
  3. Pay your subs! Inevitably, our membership has dwindled since the start of the pandemic. We understand the reasons for this, but we do need funds to support our efforts. You can read how we spend our money here. Details of how to pay your subs are here. HADRA’s financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March.
  4. Advertise in our Newsletter! We will shortly start working on our Spring newsletter. Perhaps you run a business from home that you’d like your neighbours to know about? Contact us for more information.