Planning Application No. 22/01422/FUL

Demolition of existing dwellings and garages; erection of a detached three-storey block comprising six flats; erection of a detached three and a half storey block comprising ten flats; formation of a parking basement for fourteen cars; provision of refuse and recycling stores and secure cycle storage; provision of communal landscaped space; and formation of new access onto Hartley Down

20 April 2022

The Hartley and District Residents’ Association (HADRA) advises you that a planning application has been submitted to Croydon Council, proposing to demolish the two bungalows at Hartley Court and Ravenswood, which are the first two plots on Hartley Down from the railway bridges of Old Lodge Lane, and build one three story block of six flats and a four storey block of ten flats (16 flats to accommodate 49 people) with 44% affordable housing.  A basement car park to accommodate 14 cars.

Details of this planning application and can be seen on Croydon Council’s Public Access Register where you can view the documents submitted. You can make online objections or comments on this application by clicking on “make a public comment.” Alternatively you can send written objections to:-

Alternatively you can send written objections to:-

Development Management, Croydon Council, 6th Floor, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon CR0 1EA, or send them by email to

This should be done before the neighbour consultation expiry date of 12 May 2022; however the case officer will consider comments before the determination deadline which is currently 13 July 2022.

Please note that the planning department has failed to publish the four pre-application responses for 20/03328/PRE, 20/06227/PRE, 21/02838/PRE and 21/05210/PRE and their associated documents. I have requested that this is done.

HADRA will support our residents in objecting to this latest planning application and will refer it to the Planning Committee where we can voice our objections before a decision is made. HADRA will also request our Local Councillors Oni Ovri and Simon Brew to also refer it to the Planning Committee and request the support of our local MP Chris Philp.

HADRA will be making the following representations. You may use these points as the basis for your own comments, but we suggest that you adapt them to your particular circumstances or put them into your own words.

  1. An overdevelopment of a small and constrained site.
  2. The three and four storey blocks of flats will out of character and will dominate the existing road scene and the houses on the opposite side of the road.
  3. Cross-sections do no extend sufficiently to show the relationship of the railway embankment and the proposed 2m high acoustic barrier on the development and the height difference with the houses on the opposite side of the road.
  4. No steps free access to the entrances to the blocks of flats unless using the car park which does not have dedicated pedestrian access areas.
  5. Insufficient details of natural play area with no children’s play equipment proposed. Play area too small for a development to cater for up to 17 children and very close to the busy railway lines.
  6. No evidence that Network Rail has been consulted on this development so close to the railway lines.
  7. Construction Logistics Plan should demonstrate how the development will be constructed in such a confined site, unloading of materials, wheel washing bay, site office, location of cranes, etc.
  8. Cumulative impact on an area where no extra infrastructure has been provided for extra population (e.g. schools, medical and community facilities, road and drainage improvements). CIL money is not being spent in this area and existing facilities like the Purley swimming pool are not being maintained.


The following are valid planning reasons for objecting to planning applications:

  • Conflict with planning policies
  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Overlooking or loss of privacy
  • Loss of trees
  • Layout and density of buildings
  • Noise, smells and disturbance from use
  • Traffic generation, highway safety or adequacy of parking
  • Visual appearance (e.g. design, appearance, materials)
  • Effect on listed buildings or conservation areas

Please see our Planning pages for further guidance.