You have asked. We have listened!

HADRA is pleased to announce that with effect from today, we will accept membership subscription payments by standing order.

This article will outline what a standing order is, your responsibilities if you decide to use it, and how you can request future membership subscriptions to be paid by standing order.


What is a Standing Order?

A standing order is a way of setting up a regular, fixed payment from your bank account.

You can set a payment to be taken at a certain frequency (for example, the 1st of each month) and for a set amount of time, such as six months. Your payments will consist of money set at an specified on the standing order form.

You can normally set up a standing order by completing a standing order form and giving it to your bank or setting up the standing order in branch, over the phone or using online banking.

HADRA standing orders will transfer money from your annual subscriptions from your bank account to ours on 1st April each year.


The difference between a standing order and a direct debit

Essentially, a standing order is an instruction to your bank, whereas a direct debit gives permission to a company to take money from you. You are the only person who can change the date or payment amount on your standing order. This is the main difference to a direct debit, where these details can be changed by the person or organisation you’re paying.

HADRA has no control over the standing order you set up, so if you move out of the area, or wish to cancel the instructions, it is only you who can do this.  We have no power to amend your instruction to your bank.


How long does it take for a standing order to reach HADRA?

Standing orders can be made using the Faster Payments service, which means the payment can be received the same day, or the next working day if the payment is made on a weekend or bank holiday. If your bank does not use Faster Payments, it takes three working days for a standing order payment to move from one bank account to another.


How do I cancel a standing order?

You are the only person that can cancel a standing order. You can cancel a standing order at any point in branch, over the phone or via secure online banking.


What next?

If you wish to use standing orders to pay your future HADRA subscriptions, please email the Membership Secretary.  Your email to them must contain your name and postal address so that we can verify your membership details on our records.

We will then send you a standing order form with a reference number on it unique to you, so we know that you have paid.  The form must be completed as outlined in the next section.


Completing the HADRA standing order form

The standing order form you receive back from HADRA will give instructions to your bank to pay the annual subscription of £3 on 1st April each year, starting on the next occurrence.

You will need to complete Section 1 of the form, filling-in your bank account name, bank account number and bank account sort code.  If you do not know this information, it can be found on most cheques you write and paying-in books.  In case of uncertainty, please contact your bank for assistance with this.

You will also need to complete Section 4 of the form, which is just your name, signature and date.  If you hold a joint-account, the secondary account-holder will also need to sign the form too.

The completed form must then be returned to your bank – NOT TO HADRA.  You are completing instructions for your bank to issue payment.  HADRA has no control over this, so the form needs to be returned to your bank.


Will my road steward still ask me for money?

HADRA road stewards have a list of all their residents and, providing you register for standing order payment before 1 March, the list your road steward has will indicate that you pay by standing order.  They will still deliver our “Hartley News” newsletter to you, but will not ask for membership subscription payments.


Any questions?

If you still have any questions concerning this, please email the Membership Secretary who will be happy to assist you.