For many residents, planning is the issue that makes them reach out to their local residents’ association. On these pages, we provide some information that we hope you will find useful.

Croydon Council publishes all planning applications on its planning register. Click here to access the main search page or the Council’s guidance on submitting a planning application.

HADRA has produced guidance notes on using the Council planning register, including how you can subscribe for notifications of planning applications in your neighbourhood. We have also produced guidance on objecting to or commenting on planning applications.

Because HADRA’s area straddles four wards, it makes it more difficult to search the Council’s planning register. We have subscribed to a service that extracts planning applications for our area and displays them in table form. From the HADRA Area Planning Table, you can click straight through to the detailed planning documents on the Council’s planning register. The Table is updated every weekend. Planning applications are no longer included in the Table two weeks after a decision is reached.

Use the buttons to read our Planning Officer’s reports to our Committee Meetings or view our archives on planning matters.

Planning News

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