Nearby Surrey Hills is a nationally important landscape that has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There have been calls over many years for a review to decide whether additional areas adjacent to the existing AONB boundary should also be designated. You may have heard that a formal boundary review by Natural England is now underway. The review will consider the case for extending the existing AONB. You can read some background information on Inside Croydon here.

One of the Evaluation Areas that is under consideration includes several of our local green spaces, including In Wood (the woods that run from alongside Coulsdon Manor golf course up to Old Coulsdon), Dollypers Hill, Farthing Downs and Happy Valley. You can see the extent of the Evaluation Area (known as EA8) on the map below.

Map of AONB Boundary Review

Residents are encouraged to contribute to the boundary review, by giving their views and uploading photos. The assessment must be based on factors that relate directly to natural beauty – for instance, cultural and natural heritage, the condition of features in the landscape and the scenic qualities of the areas under review.

The call for evidence closes on 31 January 2022.

You can contribute via the website here. This page also sets out options to respond by post or by downloading an app. There is an email address too.