HADRA is extremely sad to report that on Tuesday May 24th between 20.00 and 21.30 a much-loved 1 year old cat was shot with an air gun in the Hartley area.  She was very seriously injured, in a state of terror and shock and is currently in surgery.  Sadly, it is most unlikely that she will survive this horrendous attack.  The treatment is costing thousands of pounds.

She was wearing a GPS tracker on her collar, so the area of the attack can be seen precisely as being inside the allotments, near the driveway entrance on Stoats Nest Road.  The vet has informed the owner that the bullets went in from a height, so there is also a slight possibility that she was shot from a window of one of the houses backing onto the allotments.

Shooting an animal is a crime

The attack has been reported to the police who will be advising further how they will be investigating.